Main Street Clinton

Caterpillar Parade

Open to any young girl, the Butterfly Court marches together in the Caterpillar Parade wearing wings and sashes and is recognized alongside the Queen at the crowning ceremony. Butterflies wear their best butterfly costume and a big smile! The first twenty girls to register will receive a free pair of wings from Main Street Clinton.

2021 Butterfly Court

Brynn Harper, Natalee Harper, Baylee Harper, Carmen Young, Lily Caves, Julia Milling, Jane Milling, Callie Grace Starkey, Edith Welch, Harlie Claire Hill, Kennedy Regan, Lizzie Kate Dear, Germylah Woodard, Naomi Gulledge, Mason Marie Fowler, Makenah Cox, Merryn Barzelay, Vivian Bowler, Dorothy Bowler, Anniston Claire Furlow, Camille Cade, Isabelle Collins, Ellie Nutt, Evie Nutt, Emerie Pixley, Vagen Pixley, Lydia Krason

2019 Butterfly court

Lily Sisson, Willow Sisson, Carmen Sisson, Callie Grace Starkey, Ruah Hillensbeck, Rosy Clark, Zoey Jeffers, Paige Norrell, Mina Medeiros, Emma Steelman, Brynn Harper, Natalee Harper, Baylee Harper, Isabelle Klabunde, Inara Wrigley, Rivers Newman, Camille Cade, Otis Chisholm, Annie Claire Furlow, Briley Phillips, Leah Belle Surrette, Piper Davis, Mary Elizabeth Fisher

2018 butterfly court

Reece Robinson, Madelyn Sanderson, Candela Castillo, Sallie Castillo, Kendra Laird, Corrie Beth Entrekin, Lauren Kennedy, Piper Davis, Lily Beth Pitman, Kamryn Martin, Brylee-Klaire Jolly, Arianna Williams, Elizabeth Rowden, Annabelle Rowden, Elle Grider, Lola Clark, Abigail Burden, Camille Cade, Mary Elizabeth Fisher, Brynn Harper, Natalee Harper

2017 Butterfly Court

Leah Surrette, Carleigh Lindsley, Scarlett Busby, Isabelle Klabunde, Zoey Jeffers, Kaitlin Haas, Paige norrell, Allison Burns, Brooklyn Burns, Rylee Holloway, Isabelle Klabunde, Hope Blaylock, Brylee-Klaire Jolly, Natalee Harper, Brynn Harper, Sallie Castillo, Reese Robinson, Elizabeth Rowden, Annabelle Rowden, Isabella Bulger, Meg Followell, Eleanor Wilson, Camille Cade, Emerson Birdwell, Eleanor Freeny, Anna Dear, Lucy Shelton, Parker Simpson, Ivy Savidge, Udara, Ava Carmean


Marley Jade Champlin, Elizabeth Rowden, Madeleine Bambera, Brighton Bambera, Cambry Luckett, Ava Carmean, Rylee Holloway, Brooklyn Burns, Willow Lenoir, Caroline Killebrew, Anna Ford Killebrew, Brylee Klaire Jolly, Abigail Burden, Brynn Harper, Isabelle Grace Morgan, Leah Surette, Scarlett Busby, Emerson Birdwell, Sallie Castillo, Paige Norrell, Zoey Reese, Shelby Brinkman, Abby Robertson, Caroline King

2015 Butterfly Court

Elizabeth May Rowden, Cambry Luckett, Brylee Klaire Jolly, Emily Southard, Brooklyn Burns, Annie Beaugez, Emily Beaugez, Kennedi McCord, Kierstan McCord, Aaliyah Horne, Karyn Blaylock, Hope Blaylock, Emerson Birdwell, Shelby Brinkmann, Zamiya Bass, Zariya Bass, Zaniya Bass, Rylee Holloway, AnnaBelle Mansell, Ava Carmean, Charli Wright, Samantha Jane Smith, Mary Elizabeth Fisher, Madison Rodgers, Emily Rodgers

2014 Butterfly Court

Samantha Jane Smith, Maliyah Shelby, Gracen May, Shelby Brinkmann, Emerson Birdwell, Elizabeth Boone, Avenlea Johnson, Cadia Johnson, Cambry Luckett, Marley Champlin, AnnaBelle Mansell, Mary Culipher Stephens, Wellsley Wilkinson, Meredith Chandler, Sarah Lunardini, Alexandria Alexander, Lauren Smith, Lauren Moncure, Alexis Moncure, Jatavia Liddell, Tamia Liddell, Abby Wright, Michelle Wright, & Olivia Wright.